Heat ouputs calculated in accordance with BS EN442, based on a Delta T at 60 *C. For Delta 50*C multiply by 0.79 

We take care of all aspects of the radiator, from how it looks, how it performs and how it is made.


For all those reasons our radiators are crafted by our skilled artisans using high quality materials. 

 Medium:  H 1550 mm x W 480 mm x D 47 mm


Standard Sizes

Technical information 

Installation Instructions

Wall brackets installation 

Holes distance (M) = Radiator height (H) - 80 mm

M= 400 mm from the center of the holes

Projection from the wall

Total projection from the wall (E) = 95 mm


Medium:           1890                         6448




Output Watts           Output Btu / hr


Full product specification sheet

Made of Aluminium 
for better heat transfer and efficiency

Low water content for energy efficiency

Light weight for easy installation 

Finish with heat resistant polymer powder coating 

Easy to install

Powerful heat output